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итоги проведения конкурса среди учителей, претендующих на получение правительственных премий за свое высокое педагогическое мастерство и значительный вклад в образование, будут подведены на брифинге в департаменте образования сахалинской области. 25 апреля наталья антоновна мурашова, первый заместитель начальника департамента образования сахалинской области проведет для областных сми брифинг.

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Рефераты по предмету «Иностранные языки» Carpal tunnel syndrome Размер: 17.2 кб /// Скачали: 0 Описание: Within the past two years, substantial media attention has been directed at potential adverse health effects of long-term computer use. Renewed concerns about radiation, combined with reports of newly-recognized "repetitive stress injuries" such as carpal tunnel syndrome, have led some to call for regulation in the workplace and others to rearrange their offices and computer labs. There is little evidence that computer use is on the decline, however. On the contrary, more people are spending more time doing more tasks with computers -- and faculty, students and staff at colleges and universities have some of the most computer-intensive work styles in the world. Creating Market Economy in Eastern Europe Размер: 38.3 кб /// Скачали: 0 Описание: 1. Meaning of market Economy and Tasks of the Transitions. 2. The Emergence of Market Economy in European countries. 3. The Transition to a Market Economy. 4. Poland and Hungary as the best example of transition in the East Europe. 5. Moldova’s way to an open economy. This paper is oriented toward the problems of transition and creating in countries of Eastern Europe, namely Poland, Hungary, all of which are attempting to make the transition under a democratic, parliamentary form of government. British and American festivals and traditions Размер: 20.3 кб /// Скачали: 0 Описание: English customs and traditions, first of all, concerns United Kingdom political system. In Great Britain there is no written constitution, only customs, traditions and precedents. After the English Revolution of Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy headed by King (now Queen, Elizabeth the second). Traditionally the Queen acts only on the advice of her Ministers. She reigns but she does not rule. Doubts accident result of freak weather Размер: 13.8 кб /// Скачали: 0 Описание: An international task force investigating the effects of the devastating cyanide spill from a part-owned Australian gold mine in Romania will be urged to focus on the project`s construction standards amid doubts the accident was caused by freak weather. Education in Great Britain, USA and Ukraine Размер: 15.4 кб /// Скачали: 0 Описание: 1. Educational System in Great Britain 2. Types of Schools 3. British Schools 4. Universities and Colleges in Great Britain 5. Educational System in the USA 6. General Pattern of Education in the USA 7. Elementary Schools, High Schools and Institutions of Higher learning 8. Higher Education Institutions 9. Private and State Colleges 10. Educational System in Ukraine 11. Results of Interrogation in Our Class Educational system in Russia and GB Размер: 9.5 кб /// Скачали: 0 Описание: Russians have always shown a great concern for education. The right to education is stated in the constitution of the Russia Federation. It’s ensured by compulsory secondary schools, vocational schools and higher education establishment. It is also ensured by the development of extramural and evening courses and the system of state scholarship and grants. English Literature in the 20-30s of the XX c. Размер: 40.3 кб /// Скачали: 0 Описание: The century is characterized by great diversity of artistic values & methods. This age had a great impact on the literary process. Variety of social, ethic & aesthetic attitudes. New achievements in science have their impact on literature. Literature absorbs & transforms the material of their influences: - The First World War - Russian Revolution - Freud’s psychoanalysis - Bergson’s philosophy of subjective idealism - Einstein’s theory of relativity - Existentialists thought - Economic crises 1919-1921 & consequent upheaval of social movement - Marxist ideology - Strike 1926 Europe is our common home Размер: 13.5 кб /// Скачали: 0 Описание: 1. Introduction. 2. Passport. 3. Aria. 4. Recourses. 5. Population. 6. The largest countries. 7.

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